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Minifanfan is a happy artist/company based in Perlis, Malaysia and founded and owned by Eng Gee Fan. After graduated, she started her full time illustrator career after two and half years working in design industry. The company officially launched in June 2010 and began as a small business in her small bedroom studio. After 3 years, Minifanfan has grown into a lovely brand and moved into a bigger place for better working environment.

All of our paper products are printed in Malaysia and assembled by hand in our studio. For silk screen printing, we use water based, solvent free inks, and we are careful not to waste water in production. Each piece is inspected before shipping out to the customer. 

Our aim is simple. To make people feel happy and cheerful when they look at her creations, hence her tagline “Happy Drawing for Happy People” that she has created for her works. We strongly believe art is everywhere and it impacts our lives every single day. We hope to bring inspiration, love and happiness to your everyday life. 

Something random about herself:
1) She loves bob hair, minimalism, gigs, drawing and handmade.
2) She loves to have tomatoes and potatoes in her every meals.
3) She is only 152 cm tall, and always proud of it!
4) She never have long hair.
5) She hopes she will back to New Zealand soon and fulfill her dream of driving a campervan on her trip.
6) Keep calm and carry on dreaming

Happy Drawing for Happy People

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